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Currently I'm going through a small toy gun phase.  I'm perfecting a rubber band powered crossbow style pistol which shoots a bolt 90 feet.  It's loosely based on Joerg Spraves' "The SlingShot Channel".  I've gone through a fixation and have been highly inspired by his slingshot designs and have made quite a few of my own designs based off of some of his designs.

I've also begun working on a small pistol style crossbow which is loosely based on "The Backyard Bowyers" mini crossbow.  It uses a flattened and shaped pvc pipe for the spring/spar/bow.  Then I'm making a pvc pipe blowgun/walking stick, again loosely based on "The Backyard Bowyers" design.  Then I'm going to try my hand at making a 5 foot youth recurve bow made from (yet again) a pvc pipe.  Which is again based off of "The Backyard Bowyers" many designs.  I may do a combination of a few of his bow styles.

At the same time I've always wanted to do some 3 dimensional (well 2.5 dimensional technically) architectural wall art.  I'm posted one of my creations in my gallery.  It's the Roman Coliseum one.